IMBCR Fundraising Ideas

Want to volunteer for the IMBCR?
Help us raise money and participate in a Marathon!

Why raise funds for IMBCR?

Each and every day, IMBCR’s innovative research provides cancer patients with greater longevity and an improved quality of life. Because of expanded drug therapy options and treatment combinations, Dr. Jim Berenson (IMBCR’s President and Medical Director) says “Myeloma is now a marathon, rather than a sprint.” IMBCR provides patients with an opportunity to enhance their chances of surviving cancer and conquer one of the hardest challenges of their lives. The team at IMCBR is working tirelessly to find a cure…and we are so close!

With your help in fundraising, IMBCR can accelerate the advancement of scientific research and ultimately help grant millions of people freedom from the symptoms of myeloma and bone cancer.

Volunteering your time to raise money for IMBCR is a beautiful way to support loved ones and friends, or to dedicate your marathon, bike race or triathlon to those whom you want to honor and remember.

We encourage all runners, cyclists and triathletes to donate their time to participating in a race and using it as an outlet for fundraising. Whether you run a marathon, compete in a bike race or triathlon, walk one million steps towards a cure, or want to create your own personal challenge, your fundraising efforts will help save the lives of others.

Here you will learn how to:

1. Start your own personalized fundraiser
2. Build a sponsor list
3. Promote your fundraiser
4. Register your fundraising pledge with IMBCR